Strong Girls = Strong Women

It’s true. Something happens to girls when they hit puberty. I’m not talking about the obvious here, I’m talking about what happens to our confidence, fierceness, strength, self-reliance and “damn I’m good, and boys can go suck it” mindset. I remember that girl. I remember in 5th grade, going to a whole new school and one by one, destroying the line of boys who wanted to arm wrestle me at the high school football game. Though very small in stature, I was a gymnast. I was super-power strong and they were little 5th grade boys. My mom loved to tell the story of how she sat up high in the stands with the new set of parents and watched me beat them, one after another. She struggled with amusement, pride, amazement at my unbridled girl power and a little bit of sympathy-embarrassment for the boys. She told that story many times throughout my life. To this day, I smile when I picture that scene. It somehow fills me with spice, and a hint of innocent strength. A feeling of power and self confidence. Self love shouldn’t just be for the young. That girl, that small and mighty, red-headed warrior is still stirring around inside.

With a mom like mine, it was hard to live in self-doubt for long. She was a great example. The best rebellion; Love YourselfShe ran a ranch! I watched her do amazing things all my life. I helped her work cows, give shots, and pull baby calves when the cow needed help. It was dirty, hard and sometimes very gross work. She fixed fences, hauled hay and learned to repair mechanical things. She was also a lady; she was college educated and was even involved with the Junior League. She was pure class. We miss her so much. My dad was a lucky man, but I was the luckiest. I thank God that I was given the chance to be that girl. I’m thankful that I still feel this way most of the time. Lucky.

Let’s go have a mud fight.
Be fierce. Be rebellious.


** Note** The original post had a great video about little girls being fierce… the video is no longer available.




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