I Am Enough!

We all have that voice inside our heads. The one that talks to us, judges, and gives a running commentary about our lives, our looks, our worth. Often, this voice, this self-talker speaks down to us. It says things we’d find hard to tolerate if we overheard a conversation between strangers. Brutality and negativity spew forth in thoughts we’d never consider having about a loved one. This voice, it’s inside, it’s you. Why aren’t you on the same team? Why aren’t you best friends?

This subject has been on my mind. I’ve had this conversation this week with a friend, I’ve written about it on my other blog, and I’ve read about it in The Inner Game of Tennis. It’s not just my problem, I’m betting it’s yours too.

This happened in Austin, Texas. Watch this. Then tell that voice, “I Am Enough.” Really. I am. You are too.



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9 Responses to I Am Enough!

  1. Reblogged this on 50 Pound Monkey on My Back… and ass… and and commented:

    I Am Enough. You are too!


  2. Ann Lara says:

    You got me…again….and again….and yet again! You’re on a roll! This is AMAZING!


  3. Farrah says:

    This is so sweet and touching! Thanks for sharing it! :]


  4. alyssa says:

    Oh, oh my heart is so warm! This is incredible. Wow.


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