Bee Good!

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Bee The Good

The plight of the honey bee and the repercussions of the decline of pollinators has been all over the news. The struggles of ex-cons  and the re-incarcination of repeat offenders is also in the news.  I’m so happy to say that someone had the incredibly wonderful idea of offering a Bee Keeping Course to inmates. Not only does this skill give them an actual vocation, and a certificate to prove their expertise, but it’s an important conservation issue that affects all of us, whether we believe it does or not.

I give a hearty “BRAVO” to the American Honey Bee Protection Agency based in Austin, Texas, and to the Travis County Sheriff’s Office for agreeing to start this program.

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It’s a Good Friday, indeed! Bee Good!


(If you’re interested in honey bees and gardening, you may also be interested in this post from Crazy Green Thumb about hand pollinating)


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